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O!Dengi wallet: pay for over 300 government services in one app

O!Dengi wallet: pay for over 300 government services in one app

The O!Dengi financial service continues contributing to the national economy digitalization and offers user-friendly and technology-savvy solutions to people in Kyrgyzstan thus expanding the range of government e-services.

Cashless payment options improve people’s access to government services and make it easier to them to interact with government. Moreover, such payment methods save much time as users no longer have to visit government institutions and wait in lines: it only takes a few seconds to pay for such services in the O!Dengi wallet.

Here is what is currently available to O!Dengi wallet users:

  • paying the passport fee;

  • commission-free payments for registry office services;

  • commission-free payments for Cadaster services including statements on property, immovable property inspection reports, cadastral records, and document issue;

  • payment for statements on property available;

  • payment for e-patent completion or prolongation;

  • paying property and car taxes;

  • paying penalties issued by the Safe City system or manually;

  • payments for the Ministry of Justice services including registering or re-registering legal entities, apostille services, notary services, and more;

  • police clearance completion and fee payment;

  • paying court debts;

  • payments for catering at municipal or public kindergartens, and many more.

Notably, the O!Dengi wallet also allows paying for utility services and internet services with just a few clicks, sending money to wallets and bank cards, and also receiving bonus cashbacks for QR payments and shopping with Visa cards.

Install the My O! app from Google Play or App Store and enjoy all the wallet’s digital features. 

*O!Dengi service is provided by Green Telecom Service LLC. Licenses #2021030817, #3022030817 issued by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on August 3, 2017.