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Draw up e-patent online in My O! app 

Draw up e-patent online in My O! app 

The O!Dengi financial service has launched a service for processing of and payment for electronic tax patent right in the app for convenience of entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. Individuals and entrepreneurs working under tax patent no longer need to visit tax offices. The e-patent can be drawn up or extended and paid for online via the O!Dengi wallet.

The service fee is 20 KGS. 

How to do it?

·        Download or upgrade the My O! app on Google Play orApp Store.

·        Open your O!Dengi wallet and then “My Services” tab and “Government Services”.

·        Choose “E-patent” and then “Add patent”.

·        Enter the required tax payer info and indicate business activity type and patent period.

·        Click “Calculate” and confirm processing.

·        Patent details and amount due will be generated automatically, and you will only need to confirm payment.

You e-patent is ready!

In addition, you can view your previously issued patents in the “E-patent” tab, this service is free.

Please note that e-patent can be obtained online subject to user’s tax payer ID already registered with the State Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Important: The State Tax Service reminds that trading activities cannot be carried out under tax patent in Kyrgyzstan starting July 1, 2024. Contact your local tax office, call 116 or visit for more information.

*O!Dengi service is provided by Green Telecom Service LLC. Licenses #2021030817, #3022030817 issued by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on August 3, 2017.