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Favorite food with free delivery from Globus stores in the My O! app

Favorite food with free delivery from Globus stores in the My O! app

It is now easier and more convenient to buy food thanks to O!Market and the Globus store chain. Delivery from the Kyrgyzstan people’s favorite store is now available in the My O! app.

Globus offer a wide variety of fresh vegetable and fruits, meat and milk products, children’s food, domestic chemical products, and many more.

Why is it cost effective?

In addition to good prices for the product range offered, the My O! app users can enjoy free delivery for orders starting at 1,000 KGS in Bishkek.

What is the product range presented on O!Market?

Over 4,000 products of the Globus store chain are already available on the marketplace. The product list is continuously growing, particularly based on the users’ preferences. Choose and buy without leaving home!

How much time does it take to deliver goods?

All the food is examined thoroughly in the store for its sell-by dates and package integrity. So, it will only take up to 2 hours to deliver the food to you.  

How to submit an order?

1.      Download or upgrade the My O! app on App Store or Google Play.

2.      Open “O!Market” → Globus.

3.      Add items you need to the cart and click “Continue”.

4.      Enter delivery address and click “Pay”.

5.      Open the bill issued in the app and confirm payment.

Submit your first order right now!

O!Market is the My O! app’s marketplace for easy online shopping.