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More features! O!Dengi can now be topped up from ELSOM

More features! O!Dengi can now be topped up from ELSOM

The O!Dengi payment system continuously adds new features for customer convenience. From now on, the O!Dengi wallet holders can receive money transfers from the ELSOM app users.

How to top up O!Dengi via ELSOM?

1. Open “Services” in the ELSOM app;

2. Choose the “Wallets” category and then “O!Dengi”;

3. Enter wallet number as 996ххххххххх;

4. Pay the amount needed.

Done! The money will be received immediately!

It is easy to spend the money received straight from the wallet to pay for goods or services as O!Dengi offers a wide range of cashless payment options:

· QR payments at supermarkets, coffee shops, pharmacies, taxi, filling stations and over 1,800 sale and service points;

· Payments for utilities, government services (penalties, patents, certificates, services by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Registry Offices), and over 1,300 useful services;

· Instant money transfer to wallets and cards of banks in six countries;

· Loan repayment to 50 credit institutions, account and deposit top-up in Kyrgyzstan banks, and many more.

Please note that O!Dengi can be topped up at no charge as follows:

· via the broad chain of O! payment terminals countrywide;

· using any bank’s card linked;

· via Halyk and Finca mobile banking systems;

· via QIWI wallet or terminals in Russia or Kazakhstan.

Top up with fee is also available in other payment services and terminals.