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Fuel now, pay after! Installment payments for fuel at 0%

Fuel now, pay after! Installment payments for fuel at 0%

From now on, car owners in Kyrgyzstan can fuel their cars on installment plan, no overpays or commission! This is the feature the microfinance organization Akcha Bulak has launched in collaboration with the O!Dengi financial service.

The new product titled Fuel Card enables car owners to get up to 7,000 KGS for 7 days without any interest or hidden charges, and without leaving home. The amount received can be used to pay for fuel at any filling station of the Bishkek Petroleum filling station chain or for fuel or shopping at PARTNER NEFT filling stations.

Favorable terms and easy Fuel Card application process make the service easiest and most attractive. What you need to get the money is just a smartphone with O!Dengi wallet.

How to apply for installment plan.

Watch the video guide here.

1. Download or upgrade My O! app on Google Play or App Store.

2. Open O!Dengi wallet, click Akcha Bulak and select Fuel Card.

4. Fill in the application form, complete identity verification and sign docs online in just few minutes right in the app.

As soon as your application is approved the money will be available immediately on your O!Dengi wallet.

How to pay using Fuel Card:

1. Scan QR code printed on the cash desk or petrol pump.

2. Enter necessary amount and choose Fuel Card as payment source.

3. Pay.

Easy, rewarding, convenient!