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How to get quick loans online. People in Kyrgyzstan speak about the service advantages

How to get quick loans online. People in Kyrgyzstan speak about the service advantages

The world is turning faster and faster, and the convenience and availability of financial online services are growingly critical. As an example, online loans for contingencies are among the most popular services one can use without leaving home. When you need money urgently and do not know whom to turn to, online loans are an excellent chance available to everybody.

Thus, the O!Dengi service users now can get quick loans provided by the Akcha Bulak Microcredit Company. You only need your passport and smartphone with the My O! app to apply. This easy service allows getting up to 13,500 KGS to the O!Dengi wallet right when you need them. The service is getting more popular day by day as it wins the users’ confidence.

We have collected interesting stories told by borrowers who spoke about their experiences and the service advantages. They have shared their impressions on how easy and simple it is to get money via the app and how quick they managed to resolve their financial issues.

Janybek Rysbek uulu, Naryn.

“I have been using the services provided by Akcha Bulak MCC all the time, and already borrowed and repaid about 10 loans. I use the money for various purposes, mostly when I need to pay for something quite urgently. I like how quick they give loans, with the process only taking a few minutes. I have for a long time been recommending online loans in the My O! app to my friends as there are no services like this in Naryn”.

Jibek Mamytbekova, Bishkek.

“I only take online loans from Akcha Bulak MCC. I use the service continuously and always for different purposes. I like the swift process, no need to go anywhere and sign a pile of papers. I actively recommend the service to my friends who need money as urgent”.

Nursultan Bakirov, Kant.

“I get loans to buy truck parts and pay for repairs. I like both the service availability and promptness – no need to wait for 2 or 3 days”.

Mirbek Chubak uulu, Osh.

“I used to approach to other loan providers but now only borrow money from Akcha Bulak MCC. I use the money for various consumer purposes. I like it as I can get money quickly and at any time without visiting offices. It’s all so easy, fast and within touch”.

How to get a loan online? View the video guide.

1. Download the My O! app on Google Play or App Store.

2. Open My O! → O!Dengi → Akcha Bulak and proceed to identity verification.

3. Fill in the form and sign all necessary documents online in the app.

Once approved, the money will be put immediately to the O!Dengi wallet. You can use the money received to pay bills or shop, transfer to a bank account or card or withdraw them at an O!Store or from a naktamat.

You can repay the loan as easy, at no charge via the O!Dengi wallet or any O! payment terminal. 

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*The loan services are provided by the Akcha Bulak MCC LLC. Record Registration Certificate #512 issued 22.06.2022 by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. The O!Dengi financial service is provided by Green Telecom Service LLC. Licenses #2021030817, #3022030817 issued 03.08.2017 by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. The issuing bank of the O!Dengi electronic money is Dos-Credobank OJSC. License #037 issued 18.06.1997 and 16.03.2016 by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.